What is Google’s new BERT update

Google Google has launched its new BERT update only last week, whose job is to display the results by processing the natural language in the search results. Google’s BERT update works to show the search results associated with the best relevant natural language for a certain keyword.

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For now, Google’s BERT update is in beta version, so if Google believes it is affecting only one out of every 10 results, yet so many big websites and tracking tools have not seen any decline or change in search traffic. have seen.

Site Optimization for BERT

Many users want to know how to optimize their site according to the BERT update. If Google believes you should not think that you automate your site according to BERT, this new search algorithm allows Google to understand which website is most suitable in natural language for a certain search keyword.

Google Response on BERT update

Google on BERT update

On behalf of Google, Danny Sullivan has said that you should not use any new strategy for BERT, rather you write the best content for your users.

If you try to make the best content for your users, then your site will be automatically BERT ready.

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