Google Algorithm Updates 2019

We all know that the Google search engine classifies our Web pages through a score based on different metrics, to position ourselves better or worse in the search results with certain keywords.

But … what do these metrics really value? If we knew its operation we could perfect our pages much more. Also, Google updates (Updates) may not change anything or … change absolutely everything.

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How does Google algorithm work?

Perhaps it is the best-kept secret in the world, and that is that Google is very suspicious about giving information to the Webmasters it refers (speaking of the algorithm, in other fields they are widely generous).

According to the founder of Google, Larry Page, the goal of a good search engine is always to offer the exact information in the shortest possible time. That is why Google has an open fight against SPAM and the Web that performs black SEO (bad SEO practices).

Not many years ago Google mediates more than two hundred factors on each Web page to rank it, but today it is “rumored” that Google has a neural network that applies AI (artificial intelligence).

So not only Webmasters have no idea how Google really works, but also when we understand how it does, it releases an Update (algorithm update) and relocates us again.

Does the AI ​​already use the Google algorithm?

More in-depth: Google robots

As far as Google is known, it has numerous bots (software in continuous operation) that update different factors of the Web pages.

Some of them sure sound to you, are:

  • Panda: Bot focused on classifying Web pages based on their content quality, evaluating whether visitors are satisfied with the search result.
  • Penguin: This other Bot focuses on analyzing the links of Web pages, degrading artificial links and penalizing Web pages that do bad SEO positioning practices.
  • Hummingbird: This Bot focuses on the user experience when evaluating its satisfaction once the search results are displayed. Do not work alone in this area of ​​user experience.
  • Mobile-Friendly: Relatively recent bot (it’s a joke) that focuses on valuing pages based on whether they are responsive, that is, if they adapt to any medium (pc / tablet / mobile).

Although obviously, there are many more that we do not know and measure different aspects of our Web pages. Surprised? In my opinion, Google will be the first company in the world to create AI, so we can expect everything.

Google algorithm updates 2019


Has your page been affected by the latest updates?

If you have noticed an increase in organic traffic, congratulations, that means that your website has been positively valued after the latest changes in Google’s algorithms.

If your website has lost traffic or even if you continue to lose it, bad business friend. That means that Google has classified your website negatively , making the competition position itself better than you.

It is not a penalty towards your website, but a competition prize, according to Google, to show better content to readers (higher quality content more easily and quickly).

If you have any questions or want to provide some information, you can do so through the comments.

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